Butter it up with Almonds

Almonds can be used in so many ways from tossing in silvered almonds into salads, yoghurt or porridge or using almond meal to make a gluten free cake. For me making my own almond spread is the way to go!

They are packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals as well as a rich source of healthy fats. They are a fantastic alternative for calcium for those who can’t or don’t like dairy and contain iron and zinc, particularly important for our vegetarians or vegans. Not to mention they are filled with good fats, can help reduce cholesterol and have anti-inflammatory properties. Why wouldn’t you include this amazing nut in your diet?

The steps to making your own nut spread could not be any more simpler. All you need are 3 things. A food processor, almonds and grape seed oil.

Grind together 1 cup of roasted almonds in a food processor, then add 2 tablespoons of grape seed oil slowly, process until the mixture comes together and is at the desired consistency. This recipe will make 3/4 cup of almond butter.

My favourite way of using it is within my smoothies or spreading it on wholegrain crackers or sliced apples 🙂



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