Why We Need Breakfast

You always hear it “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”  But WHY?

It’s no brainer that this meal will set you up for the day. Studies have shown that eating breakfast is positively associated with healthy weight status, lifestyle and nutrient intake. Better learning behaviours, cognitive function and school performance have been shown in children who eat breakfast.

I often hear it’s fewer calories in and more calories out. This is true, however less calories in may not always be beneficial. Skipping breakfast can mean:

  • Running low on nutrients including protein, fibre and vitamins and minerals
  • You may skip your workout due to lack of energy or low blood sugar level
  • Your likely to make up that meal with junk food
  • Reducing your concentration and memory levels
  • You can lead your self to over eat at your next meal or binge
  • Long term effects, weight gain

So key message here, choose a breakfast that’s well balanced and will keep you going!

My favourite breakfast options!

Wholegrain toast with smashed avocado, cherry tomatoes and a poached egg

Oats with almond milk, berries and handful of mixed nuts and seeds

Natural Greek yoghurt with passionfruit, homemade muesli, raspberries coulis and coconut shavings

Smoothie on the go with a scoop of whey protein, banana, almond milk and 1 Tb of yoghurt




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